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  • Container loading supervision

    This service ensures containers are in good condition after loading, to reduce ahigh risk of product substitution

    When loading, our inspectors arrive at factories, warehouses or loading placesto check product information, quantity and packaging; supervise the whole loading process and help the manufacturer finish loading under correct andclear working clauses and working processes.
    For loading supervision, we use the following procedure:

    • Record the weather/ arrival time of container/ container No./ truck No. 
    • Check the inner & outer condition of container to see if there is anydamage/ wetness/ perforation / peculiar smell 
    • Check the quantity of goods loaded and record the condition of outer packaging(master cartons/ pallets) 
    • Randomly select and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet thecustomer’ s specifications 
    • Supervise the whole loading process 
    • Seal the container with the customs’ seal 
    • Record the seal Nos. and departure time of contain

Bussiness:full inspection、Random inspection、Quality tracking、Container loading supervision、Fachtory audit、Trade sourcing.
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